Mistress melody is my name, and having you worship me and obeying my every command is my deepest pleasure. Please your mistress and i will have you singing out in sensual fulfillment. Displease me, and i will have you screaming out in unrelenting pain.

Whether you are seeking a warm, sensuous, and erotic session, or a sadistic, ball busting, cruel one, you will find them all rolled up into one with my unique play style. I love bringing a resilient man to his knees and make him love every minute of it.

As far back as i can remember, i have always liked walking on the wild, exhilarating side of life, and i have always gotten a certain thrill in trying out new kinky things and in pushing my unbridled sensuality to its untested limits. In this regard, bdsm play has long piqued my interest on a personal level, and i long ago incorporated it into my personal lifestyle. I then decided to take the plunge in seeking to make a professional career out of sharing with new friends and playmates the bdsm-fetish play i have found to be so fulfilling and pleasurable in my personal life.

While it is true that i get great pleasure out of inflicting pain upon the acquiescing body of another, especially the male of the species, it is also true that i get a deal of pleasure and satisfaction out of fulfilling the bdsm-fetish fantasies of all those kinky people with whom i play. While i am a very open-minded mistress when it comes to turning a wide-array of your deepest bdsm desires and fantasies into unforgettable real world experiences, i do have certain bdsm – fetish play interests, which are among my specialties. Check out my interests.

My profile and gallery are just meant to give you a tiny taste of the wondrous tactile and sensory feast that awaits you when you bring all your most secretive and deep bdsm-fetish desires and fantasies to me. I want to hear your dirty secrets so don’t be shy. Come session with me just once, and the name mistress melody will forever become music to your ears.

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“I look forward to hearing about your deepest desires and fulfilling them soon”